Forums down... for now

Aug 27 2014: Due to a php update at some point, and, security, the forums are currently unavailable. I have plans to combine (defunct), (defunct) and (functional) forums into a brand new forum. I have been neglecting these sites for a while but it's time to put some time into them.

I will keep this page updated with progress and possibly even a sneak preview of the new forum.

All accounts, posts and possibly PMs will be preserved. However the first login will require a password reset and access to the email you used to register.

I hope to have everything done by Christmas, but I'm trying to aim for before. Keep checking.

Sept 8 2014: Started to look into different forum solutions, I think we will go with SMF.

More news to come later and possibly a sneak preview.

Oct 13, 2014: Been busy with other stuff and my work schedule has been mostly full, but there is some progress. Successfully converted user accounts from all 3 forums into new forum, and new forum categories are mostly all determined. Still have to write the conversion script for topic and posts which will be more involved. Also debating on bringing's forum over as well as an archive.

Dec 7 2014: Got busy with other projects that had to take priority, so I do not think the forums will be back up by Christmas. will update further once development resumes on the forum merge. In other news Age of Valor UO shard will most likely be brought back online and the forums will become part of this merge.