Forum randomly stopped working and I don't have time to troubleshoot. It will remain down for now, sorry! I may possibly merge with at some point
Scratch that... Iceteks broke too! I do plan to revamp everything anyway, I know I've been saying that for long but it's just not a priority. It will happen! Keep checking every now and then, we will return!


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Aug 1 2014 UPDATE: Just posting an update to say I did NOT forget about this. I've been busy revamping my home network/server setup and reorganizing how I code my projects into a more unified format. Once all this is done this is on my list of projects to continue to work on. I will most likely combine AF and Iceteks into a single forum. I may also combine's forum. Just easier to manage and hopefully will mean more traffic. I need to come up with an exceptional anti spam measure so I'm not constantly dealing with spammer accounts. it's gotten pretty bad. Anyway stay tooned! ETA is Christmas, perhaps before. No promisse though.