Forums down... for now

Instead of updating this page, futher updates will now be posted here.

Aug 27 2014: Due to a php update at some point, and, security, the forums are currently unavailable. I have plans to combine (defunct), (defunct) and (functional) forums into a brand new forum. I have been neglecting these sites for a while but it's time to put some time into them.

I will keep this page updated with progress and possibly even a sneak preview of the new forum.

All accounts, posts and possibly PMs will be preserved. However the first login will require a password reset and access to the email you used to register.

I hope to have everything done by Christmas, but I'm trying to aim for before. Keep checking.

Sept 8 2014: Started to look into different forum solutions, I think we will go with SMF.

More news to come later and possibly a sneak preview.

Oct 13, 2014: Been busy with other stuff and my work schedule has been mostly full, but there is some progress. Successfully converted user accounts from all 3 forums into new forum, and new forum categories are mostly all determined. Still have to write the conversion script for topic and posts which will be more involved. Also debating on bringing's forum over as well as an archive.

Dec 7 2014: Got busy with other projects that had to take priority, so I do not think the forums will be back up by Christmas. will update further once development resumes on the forum merge. In other news Age of Valor UO shard will most likely be brought back online and the forums will become part of this merge.

Dec 29, 2014: As it's Christmas time, and I've also had a busy work schedule I pretty much did not touch anything in all of December. Once the new year begins I will start having more time off. There are 3 major projects on the go, which will be completed in this order:

1: Revive Age of Valor UO shard: This should not take more than a few days, I have been working on it on and off, basically just setting up the dev, test and prod environments, ensuring file syncing, backups etc work then actually opening it to the public.

2: Finish the UO Gateway poller: This is something that had to be done as the old one broke during the server migration. I had to write a new png library as the one I had would not compile on new server. The poller is more or less functional except for graphs. Once graphs are coded, it will be done. This may take a week or two.

3: Continue on forum migration: I had barely started on this, so there is still a lot of work to do on this part. Also debating on making a separate account system, may do this at same time to ease the merge/migration. Once this is done you will then get a prompt to send a password reset to your email so you can regain access to your account. (there is no way to recover passwords as they are encrypted 1 way and each forum uses a different scheme).

Between work and having to do stuff around the house time is limited, so I cannot guarantee any ETA. Time just goes by too fast. I really thought I would finish this by Christmas but it just came too fast.

More updates to come as I progress through these projects.

April 8, 2015: I know excuses excuses, but I got caught up with stuff, but I did not forget about this. I will probably continue to work on the new forum very shortly, like within the next few days. I also want to make a central authentication system for all my sites/services to simplify things moving forward. The site is fully operational and so is the rebirth of Age of Valor. So now I will continue to work on the new forum again.